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Herzig Eye Institute
We don’t put patients at risk. We’re focused on
eliminating risk and helping people to see their
best is a very sacred responsibility. Without being
able to see properly, you can’t read or drive or
play sports. We see it as a tremendous responsi-
bility improve or preserve their vision and regain
their quality of life,” Tabb says. “We insist that
compassion and timely care must always be
the standard and not the exception to the rule.
Ultimately, it’s the surgeon being able to deliver
the results to the patient and the patient knowing
they made the right choice in coming to Herzig
Eye Institute.”
With an eye to the future, Dr. Herzig and
Tabb want to continue to grow HEI as a Centre
of Excellence that will enhance the already well-
established brand and have it expand in the form
of additional sites. They have been reluctant to
do that during down economic times having
gone through various market research cycles
where they’ve targeted a certain area for expan-
sion but then pulled back because of a recession.
Part of intelligent business decision-making is
knowing when to make a move and when to
bide your time. As far as expanding to multiple
sites, that is definitely “on the drawing board.”
We’ve spent 20 years developing a brand and a
service model that is known for quality. It’s time
to unlock that value.”
“The industry is very ripe for consolidation,”
Tabb says. “You have a couple of large corpo-
rate players and you have other independent
surgeons that may be getting on in years, need
exit strategies and are exhausted by the constant
need to refresh technology.”
“We are poised, now, with a well established
“Following my recent cataract surgery, I wanted to write and thank you for taking
such good care of me. It’s great to be able to see clearly again. I had heard many
good things about the Herzig Eye Institute and was very impressed with the effi-
ciency of your operation and the quality of service provided by your staff. What you
and Cherry have created is a credit to you both and I congratulate you on all that you
have accomplished over the years in both Canada and internationally.”
— Isadore Sharp, Founder, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
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