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brand and service model to grow. We just have
to find the right moment and the right partners,”
Dr. Herzig says. “It’s challenging. Aside from the
economics, maintaining the quality of the brand is
paramount. You have to find the right doctors and
surgeons in the right area. When you are expanding
like that you don’t want to lose the quality.”
HEI has built an incredibly strong direct-to-
consumer brand with an ingrained philosophy
that a well-educated patient, who knows what
their complete menu of options are, is important
step No. 1. At the very core of their services, it’s
about helping people and improve their quality
of life with minimal risks involved.
“We’ve been a gateway into North America
for new technologies in the field of ophthalmol-
ogy that help people achieve their best vision,
whether it’s getting rid of their glasses or con-
tact lenses, reading glasses, cataracts, or even
their dry eye symptoms. We were first to offer
Lipiflow, which treats dry eye symptoms that
bother so many people. “One of our biggest
challenges is correcting many of the myths that
are out there that are perpetuated by healthcare
providers themselves,” Tabb says. “Every day I
say to someone curious about what we do, “Yes,
we do LASIK, Yes, we can help you get rid of your
reading glasses, your bi-focals, and your cataracts.
Let us educate you and let us help you.”
There is no greater endorsement for how
a company is performing than from the clients
who have been serviced. Time and time again,
Herzig Eye Institute turns out not only satisfied
patients, but people who say their experience
and the final results far exceeded their expecta-
tions. Tabb said, “One of my favourite business
icons is Isadore Sharp, founder of the Four
Seasons Hotels. He influenced our thinking so
much regarding our service model at Herzig
Eye Institute. Treat people like you want to be
treated and surprise and delight them with ser-
vice beyond their expectations. That is a standard
we aspire to each and every day.”
One of the highlights of both Tabb and
Herzig’s career was having the opportunity to
take care of Mr. Sharp and restore his vision. To
their delight, Mr. Sharp, wrote a letter to Herzig
that Tabb proudly hangs in her office.
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