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Herzig Eye Institute
It is often said that a person’s eyes
are the most precious of all human
senses – your very own window
to the world. If a picture is worth a
thousand words, the ability to see
that same beautiful imagery brought
into clear focus through advanced
laser eye correction surgery can be
summed up in three words: Herzig
Eye Institute.
trendsetter in laser
vision correction and cataract surgery, Herzig
Eye Institute (HEI) was co-founded in Toronto
by Dr. Sheldon Herzig and Cherry Tabb in 1996.
Prior to meeting one another, Dr. Herzig had
been in practice for a number of years and was
already widely known as a pioneer within the
industry while Tabb had been working as an
executive with a U.S. company that was organiz-
ing to be first in laser vision correction in the US.
Her partners sent her to Canada to find the best
surgeon to train their U.S. surgeons while the
Food and Drug Administration was approving the
new excimer laser technology.
In 1994, Tabb had her eyes treated (albeit by
another surgeon) and determined that Dr. Herzig
would be the ideal candidate to train U.S. surgeons.
“Dr. Herzig was the perfect to train our sur-
geons because of his surgical competency,
compassionate and ethical manner,” says Tabb.
When the American company was acquired by
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