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The Canadian Business Journal
so that it’s affordable while at the same time hav-
ing benefits of being treated in a private centre,”
Dr. Herzig says.
HEI is the largest unfunded laser vision cor-
rection and cataract centre in Canada, with no
government funding for cataract surgery (several
large competitors are funded). In fact, in what
amounts to a complete reversal, it is Herzig that
has effectively subsidized the government by
doing cataract surgeries without reimbursement
for facility fees. Tabb says they subsidize those
surgeries from private pay procedures like Lasik.
“We are an example of how private health-
care, when done properly and transparently,
could actually help to alleviate burden on the
healthcare system. It forces us to be focused on
efficiencies and frugal innovations because we
have to. These procedures do not have to be
done in hospital. In a climate of cost cutting a
rationing of services, it just makes sense for the
ministries of health to embrace and fund spe-
cialty centres like ours to help alleviate some of
the burden,” she explains. “We have tried several
times to obtain government funding for cataract
surgeries, offering services at lower cost, while
maintaining high quality.” Our biggest hurdle has
been overcoming the negative biases related to
funding private facilities.”
Until funding happens, Tabb and Herzig are
committed to fulfilling their mission. For now,
their services are for patients who are willing and
able to pay for advanced technologies. They are
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