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Herzig Eye Institute
careful to point out that their patients are never
charged for services that are covered by province
health insurance programs.
The overwhelming response from people
who have had one of Herzig’s High Definition
Vision procedures is that they wonder why they
waited so long to have it done. While it is only
natural to have a certain level of anxiety about
following through on such an important deci-
sion, Dr. Herzig aptly notes that there has to be
a relatively high level of frustration for people to
want to take action in the first place and advance
to the stage where they want to set up a consul-
tation meeting.
“They are balancing that level of frustration
with fear,” he mentions. “Almost all of them know
of people who’ve had it done and are very happy,
so before they even come in their fear level is
down. Even on the day of surgery there is a tre-
mendous level of anxiety with some patients, and
rightfully so, because it is a surgical procedure. In
the consultation process we are very frank about
what the risks are and the bottom line is that with
the proper procedure the risk is very minimal.”
Laser eye surgery is becoming more main-
stream as the comfort level increases due to the
exceedingly high success rate of touted by happy
patients. The quality of treatment has always
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