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is vital to any organization to be an authority in
their field. The company currently offers an
educational program for their technicians. With
its own pool of talented individuals and through
collaborations with other industry leaders,
SteriPro is developing educational workshops
for various aspects of reprocessing and will
open them up to technicians and management
personnel from other hospitals and facilities.
SteriPro is also working on several research
projects to provide meaningful data to enable
hospitals and ministry officials to evaluate and
make informed decisions about MDRD depart-
ments in hospitals.
Ajay Jain, CBDO, states that “education and
sharing of information will increase awareness
about the importance of sterilization, resulting in
better care and improved patient outcomes.”
“We have reached out to healthcare experts
in the industry and formed a Medical Advisory
Committee chaired by Dr. Carmine Simone,
Chief of Surgery at Toronto East General
Hospital. The committee will provide advice to
the Board of Directors on current issues affect-
ing the reprocessing field. We have gathered a lot
of data over the years, and our aim is to derive
conclusions from the analysis of the data that we
can share with others and will publish in scientific
journals,” Dr. Jain tells us.
SteriPro has also been working at increas-
ing awareness about its company by forging new
relationships within the industry, engaging the
services of respected individuals in healthcare,
and speaking with hospitals across the country.
SteriPro has been able to demonstrate to
Hospitals that it can help them save money while
improving quality. This is a winning formula for
hospitals that are being forced to find new ways
to reduce their annual budget.
Helping hospitals to
focus on what they do
Standards for reprocessing are continuously
changing and becoming more stringent as new
infections appear, and it can be difficult for hos-
pitals to keep up.
“By outsourcing their sterilization or repro-
cessing processes, now the hospitals can focus
on what they do best, which is patient care.
SteriPro is able to meet or exceed current
industry standards for reprocessing. In the nine
months that we’ve owned SteriPro, we have
come to appreciate the great demand that exists
for reprocessing and that outsourcing is the
obvious solution in this environment of limited
capital funding,” says Dr. Jain.
SteriPro offers a solution that avoids capital
expenditures for hospitals, reduces operating
costs, improves the standard of care, and most
importantly, keeps patients safe.
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