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SteriPro Inc.
The Canadian Business Journal
first featured SteriPro in November,
2012. The business has evolved
significantly since the acquisition of
SteriPro by a Canadian owned health
care company in December 2014.
It currently services several major
hospitals in the Greater Toronto Area,
and is in negotiations with several
facilities in other regions of Ontario,
as well as other provinces.
the industry leader
in reprocessing of reusable medical devices.
“Reprocessing” is an all-encompassing term used
to define the critical function that is performed
to decontaminate, wash, assemble, repackage
and sterilize reusable medical devices used
in operating rooms, interventional cardiology
suites, clinics, medical and surgical wards, labour
and delivery suites, endoscopy suites and medi-
cal imaging departments.
Reprocessing technicians perform the critical
function of preparing medical devices for reuse
by the next patient. They have to follow manu-
facturer’s instructions, which vary from device
to device. This specialized field has evolved with
more complex devices used in today’s surgical
procedures, including instruments used in mini-
mally invasive surgeries and robotic surgeries.
This is further complicated by the emergence of
superbugs that require stringent decontamina-
tion processes to be followed.
The Mississauga based company has a
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