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SteriPro Inc.
unique and innovative purpose-built offsite
facility that meets and exceeds the highest stan-
dards, giving hospitals and healthcare providers
an efficient, cost-effective solution for their
reprocessing needs and allowing the hospitals
to focus on and redirect savings to patient care.
The facility was built with its own “ecosystem,”
providing an environment with temperature con-
trolled filtered air, reverse osmosis water for its
washers and white steam for its sterilizers. This
provides optimum conditions for the staff and
the medical devices.
A unique business
Building and maintaining an in-house sterilization
and reprocessing program is a significant drain
on resources for hospitals that could be better
spent on patient care. SteriPro eliminates that
burden and provides a complete and adaptable
solution that delivers clear benefits to hospitals,
physicians, nurses and patients. Backed by years
of expertise and highly trained team members,
SteriPro is committed to providing this essential
service built on a sustainable model. SteriPro’s
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