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cutting edge processes and facility are designed
to save its clients time and money, while ensur-
ing that the right instruments are in the hands
of the people who need them, when they need
them. This is achieved by providing state of the
art instrument reprocessing and sterilization,
quality assurance at or above industry standards,
comprehensive tracking and traceability, and
significant savings in operations.
The new Humber Regional Hospital in
Toronto (the first completely digital hospital
in North America), is opening with a fully out-
sourced reprocessing service. SteriPro is assisting
Humber Regional Hospital in transitioning and
standardizing its medical reusable devices from
its existing two sites to the new site. The Humber
Regional Hospital is a showcase of SteriPro’s full
service model, wherein SteriPro is responsible for
all onsite and offsite reprocessing functions. It
enabled Humber River to avoid the major capi-
tal expenditure that would have been required
to have a fully functional onsite reprocessing
department. SteriPro also offers a dock to dock
model wherein it is responsible for only those
items that are to be reprocessed offsite.
SteriPro’s experienced team has designed
a comprehensive tracking system and rigor-
ous logistics support program to ensure devices
are reprocessed and delivered on time while
maintaining the highest quality standards in the
SteriPro’s advanced, flexible approach
accounts for every instrument at every step of
the process, and its world-class quality assurance
meets or exceeds all applicable standards.
SteriPro’s service and support enables its clients
to deliver the best in patient care.
New Ownership
SteriPro was acquired by CMC Health Care
Group in December 2014. The change in owner-
ship has resulted in new leadership. Dr. Arun Jain
was named as the new CEO, Mr. Vikram Dhaddha
as the new COO and Mr. Ajay Jain as the new
“I trained as a surgeon at McGill University,
and when I heard about this business model, I
was startled. My first impression was that it would
be impossible to take surgical instruments off
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