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equipment enabling our staff to deliver the best
quality service and products to our clients,” says
Dr. Jain.
A complete solution
Entry into Canada wasn’t easy for the former
owners. Outsourcing reprocessing services
was a completely new concept. Many hospi-
tals continue to be plagued by aging equipment
and infrastructure that needs significant capital
investment to continue to meet CSA standards;
however, these hospitals do not have the budget.
“SteriPro provided a solution by providing
capital cost avoidance while providing addi-
tional operating budget savings as well,” Dr. Jain
reveals. “But the idea of letting go of your tools
of the trade was hard to digest. By the time we
acquired the business the concept was begin-
ning to be accepted as an alternative to in-house
MDRDs,” Dr. Jain adds.
SteriPro offers hospitals a complete repro-
cessing solution for their medical equipment and
devices, which includes collection, transportation
decontamination, assembly, packaging, steriliza-
tion and delivery back to the hospital on time.
The worry-free system is transparent, with hospi-
tals always aware of the status of their equipment
through an online portal allowing them access to
SteriPro’s proprietary tracking system. In addition
to reprocessing, SteriPro performs a complete
functional review of the instruments to ensure
that it is safe and free of defects. Any defective
instruments are repaired or replaced during the
assembly phase to ensure patient care is not
“The quality of the instrument is much bet-
ter when it is put through our reprocessing
cycle. We see this when we first begin working
with a new hospital. Once the medical devices
are reprocessed a few times, the many years’
worth of residue buildup starts coming off. The
surgeons often ask the nurse, ‘Did we buy new
instruments?’ Through our reprocessing, the
instrument starts to look new again. That is a tes-
tament to our quality of work,” Vikram Dhadha,
COO, remarks.
New endeavours
SteriPro is promoting their new corporate values
of cost efficiency, premium product and ser-
vice delivery and customer satisfaction. SteriPro,
under new leadership, has rebranded its image
with a new logo that highlights its cutting edge
technology and service.
In May, the ISO-9001 certified com-
pany achieved the status of “Accredited” from
Accreditation Canada’s Distinction Program for
Medical Device Reprocessing and Sterilization,
becoming the first private facility in Canada to do
so. Hospitals are required to undergo an accredi-
tation survey by Accreditation Canada every
four years. Outsourcing of their reprocessing
services allows a hospital to focus on achieving
Accreditation Canada’s requirements in other
areas of the facility.
Education and continuing skills development
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