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The Canadian Business Journal
the bar in the food industry. SoLo appears poised
for rapid growth and Katz is interested to source
expansion capital to grow the low glycemic food
category with better-for-you low GI alternatives
under the SoLo GI brand, as a substitute to the
problematic products on grocery shelves.
“It’s all about creating balance. Getting away
from the addictive cycle of spike, crash and
crave, and shifting towards grazing on low gly-
cemic snacks to achieve steady blood sugar and
energy levels throughout the day,” says Katz.
SoLo Bar is available across Canada through
all channels including grocery, pharmacy, natural
food, sports, convenience and food service.
If taste rules in the food industry then SoLo
GI® Bar is king. If the consumer can feel the
benefit of the promise (sustained energy and
satiety) without sacrificing taste such as with
SoLo, they convert. “Whereas most energy
bars don’t meet taste expectation, SoLo Bar
exceeds consumer expectation with eight deli-
cious flavours in its line up including: Chocolate
Mandarin, Peanut Power, Pineapple Coconut and
Apple Cinnamon with Quinoa, and other delec-
table delights.”
“How can something that tastes so good, be
good for me too? That’s what I love to hear.”
Saul Katz, CEO of SoLo GI Nutrition
For more information please contact
SoLo Gi Nutrition at 250.491.1720 or
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