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SoLo GI Nutrition
Are you ready to be part of a
healthier slow-carb revolution?
is an innovative com-
pany from Vancouver called SoLo GI Nutrition,
which is gaining widespread notoriety for its
efforts to promote a healthy consumer shift
towards better eating and exercise habits,
enhanced by nutrient content.
Saul Katz, Founder and CEO of SoLo GI
Nutrition is on a mission to educate the public
about the benefits of blood sugar management
through food and exercise. As a food industry
visionary, he is promoting a consumer shift to
consider the blood sugar impact as well as the
nutritional content, when selecting a food or
“After 30 years in functional food research
and development, I have come to the conclusion
that a simple, yet fundamental shift is needed to
help address “Diabesity” and the energy shortfall,”
says Katz. “As an industry, we need to develop
food products to help consumers keep their
blood sugar and insulin levels in check.”
At the forefront of the blood sugar manage-
ment movement, SoLo’s low glycemic product
formulations are disruptive by design to the
snacks and energy bars that are contributing to
the interlinked epidemics of obesity, diabetes and
the human energy deficit.
High in protein, fiber and slow-release carbs,
SoLo GI® Bar is the ideal snack to bridge the
between-meal-gap, providing nutrients, promot-
ing satiety and sustaining energy without the
physiological spike, crash and crave.
Because blood sugar management is key
to weight management, sustaining energy and
living vitally, since its introduction, the low gly-
cemic and gluten-free line of SoLo GI® Energy
Bars has been embraced by consumers, health
professionals, research scientists, sports teams
and Olympians.
SoLo recently won silver for the 2014 Alive
Consumer Choice Award – Best Fitness and
Weight Management product in Canada.
“We’re proud of being recognized by con-
sumers for developing a superior product,” says
Saul Katz
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