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SoLo GI Nutrition
being caused by the modern diet and lifestyle.
“At the age of 40 I was at the top of my
professional career,” says Katz. “I had two law
degrees and was General Counsel and Vice
President of the Triple Five Group of companies,
developers of West Edmonton Mall and Mall of
America. I was deeply inspired to leave my life
legacy and to help humanity.”
In 1993, Katz established a functional food
research and development company to “raise
the bar” in the food industry, developing foods
to promote health, prevent disease and enhance
performance. His work was made possible
through a joint venture with the University
of Alberta Hospitals and Industrial Research
Assistance Program grants from the National
Research Council of Canada.
In working with the country’s top health
Alive Magazine Consumer Award Dinner, January 22, 2015; President Ryan Benn and Account Manager
Karla Gursche, Alive Publishing Group; SoLo GI Bar awarded the 2014 Silver Consumer Award for the Best
Fitness and Weight Management product in Canada.
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