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Move from Low-Carb to
“Carbohydrates are arguably the most misun-
derstood nutrient of today. It is important to
remember that carbs are the essential and pre-
ferred fuel for your brain, central nervous system
and muscles. All carbs, including starches and
sugar, are converted to glucose, which is blood
sugar. It is the rate at which your body converts
carbs into glucose that matters,” says Katz.
“The lower and slower your body raises
blood sugar and insulin levels, the better for
managing your weight, sustaining your energy
and preventing disease.The solution is not to
eliminate carbs, but rather to manage them.”
“When looking at a nutritional label, consum-
ers should equally consider what the potential
blood sugar impact is of that food,” adds Katz.
Many convenient snack foods such as granola
bars and most energy bars are loaded with
rapidly digested, high glycemic carbs. Other low-
carb options are formulated with non-caloric
alternative sweeteners such as aspartame and
sugar alcohols, which don’t appeal to many
health conscious consumers and don’t supply
carb energy for today’s fast-paced lifestyle.
Validation, Recognition
and Future Plans
SoLo GI® Nutrition has been embraced by health
professionals and the scientific community.
SoLo is the only bar recommended by McGill’s
Comprehensive Health Improvement Program
(CHIP) and was recently used by McGill with
the Canadian military in a weight loss and fit-
ness challenge with the results presented at the
Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in Vancouver
October 26, 2014.
SoLo Bar has also been used in peer-
reviewed, low GI published clinical studies by
leading scientific institutions including: Harvard
Medical School, Children’s Hospital in Boston,
National Institutes of Health and the Fred
Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.
It is also a top choice of energy that sus-
tains for professional sports teams across North
America (including the Blue Jays and Toronto
Raptors), NCAA universities in the U.S., elite and
Olympic athletes like Kelsey Serwa, Canadian
Olympic medalist at Sochi.
The big food companies have not incor-
porated low GI into their product development
process. It takes innovative companies to raise
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 10,11,12
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