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Downtown Automotive Group
Street East at the Don Valley Parkway. Locating
several dealerships in a single, five-acre location
will prove to be more efficient as DAG will own
the dealerships and move their nearby Hyundai
and Toyota stores to the new site.
Set to open sometime in the spring of 2018,
the ambitious project is bound to set a new
standard when it comes to dealerships in major
metro markets. The massive project calls for six
separate dealerships representing Toyota, Scion,
Lincoln, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan and Infiniti.
“It will be six entirely separate operations
sharing little more than a roof and three lev-
els of park and service area below grade,” says
The enormity of the project stems from the
realities of real estate in the area where land val-
ues in the city are determined not by commercial
venues but rather residential density. “Any dealer-
ship would have to generate an unrealistic set of
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