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APRIL 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
numbers to justify their location,” says Alizadeh.
Luxury brands have a strong presence along
the Don River corridor. Baby boomers have sent
luxury vehicle sales soaring to 10 per cent of the
Canadian market which only continue to grow
during the next decade.
“The innovation and creativity that has gone
into developing this complex should give it a
unique positioning in the marketplace,” says
Alizadeh. “We plan on accommodating vari-
ous needs of the typical downtown Toronto
car buyer as well as going beyond by offering
some unique opportunities that have not been
explored in our business.”
The luxury market represents about 35 per
cent of total sales in Toronto, while 20 per cent
of all luxury registrations in the country are in
Toronto, which makes it the biggest luxury mar-
ket in Canada
DAG believes in serving their community
beyond retail sales and exceptional service.
“At DAG, we strive to be a good corporate
citizen within the Downtown Toronto com-
munity through our involvement in our various
community activities such as Covenant House,
ACCES Employment, YWCA, B&O Yorkville Run,
Toronto Muddy York RFC, The North Toronto
Baseball League, The East Toronto Baseball
League and Beach Community Soccer League”
says Alizadeh.
DAG is committed to building a business
that brings value to the community as a whole.
The underlying thread that ties all of their brands
together is their focus and loyalty in providing
the best automotive sales and service experience
to those who live, work, and play in and around
the City of Toronto.
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