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Downtown Automotive Group
Downtown Automotive Group
(DAG) has been serving the needs
and exceeding the expectations of
customers in Toronto’s central core
for the past 24 years. Founded by
Shahin Alizadeh, President and CEO,
in 1992, DAG has expanded from
one to nine stores and operates
with a team of approximately 300
on providing a world-class
experience, from their award-winning staff to
their stunning showroom and facility. Their focus
is providing customers the best experience when
it comes to purchasing and servicing a vehicle.
Specializing in both new and pre-owned
vehicles, DAG’s inventory has several known and
trusted vehicle brands. While they have top sell-
ers across all of their brands, currently the market
indicates a demand for SUV’s and CUV’s, which
Shahin Alizadeh, President and CEO
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