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APRIL 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
the upcoming years, including projects to help
Canada transition to a low-carbon economy.
Allen says Engineers Canada is pleased to see
the government committing to building resilient
and sustainable infrastructure, improving water
distribution and treatment and investing in First
Nations communities.
To help integrate climate resilience into
national building codes, Engineers Canada
will use its Public Infrastructure Engineering
Vulnerability Committee (PIEVC) Protocol as a
resource to provide the science base to inform
decision-making and protect the health and
well-being of Canadians. The PIEVC Protocol is
a robust, structured and documented process
for engineers, planners and decision-makers to
identify and recommend measures to address
the vulnerabilities and risks from climate change
on infrastructure. The Protocol assessment
helps infrastructure owners and managers
justify design, operations and maintenance
recommendations to assure their project’s life
cycle through improved resilience to extreme
weather events and our changing climate. The
PIEVC Protocol has been applied more than 40
times in Canada and globally.
“This budget represents an investment in a
vision of Canada that is built on a strong founda-
tion of science, creativity, and innovation,” Allen
says. “Canada’s 280,000 professional engineers
are ready and willing to help achieve these ambi-
tious goals.”
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