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Engineers Canada
of engineering education, professional qualifi-
cations and ethical conduct. Engineers Canada
acts as the voice of its constituent associations in
national and international affairs, and promotes
greater understanding of the nature, role and
contribution of engineering to society.
Engineers Canada has national position
statements on key issues of public interest,
including infrastructure, labour mobility and
regulating the profession. Its core national and
international work includes accrediting under-
graduate engineering programs; developing
professional practice and qualifications guide-
lines related to the public interest and facilitating
international and interprovincial labour mobility.
“Engineers Canada is a world leader in
establishing the highest standards of engineer-
ing excellence,” said Engineers Canada Chief
Executive Officer Kim Allen, FEC, P.Eng., FCAE,
MBA in a recent interview with The Canadian
Business Journal. “Over the course of our history,
we’ve been instrumental in setting world stan-
dards for engineering practices and education.
From being a founder of the Washington Accord,
to bringing our pioneering climate resilience
engineering protocol to other countries, we’re
frequently approached by other jurisdictions
around the world for advice and mentorship. And
while we help others build their own capabilities,
we’re also strengthening the Canadian engi-
neering profession, making sure that it’s a world
Establishing World
Standards in Accredited
Engineering Education
Since it was established, Engineers Canada (pre-
viously the Canadian Council of Professional
Engineers) has been developing high standards
of accreditation. In 1989, Engineers Canada,
along with five other countries, was a found-
ing signatory of the Washington Accord. The
Washington Accord is an agreement between
organizations that are responsible for accredit-
ing professional engineering degree programs
in each of the signatory countries. It recog-
nizes the substantial equivalency of programs
accredited by those organizations. It recom-
mends that graduates of accredited programs in
any of the signatory countries be recognized by
the other countries as having met the academic
Kim Allen, FEC, P.Eng., FCAE, MBA,
Engineers Canada CEO
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