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Engineers Canada
requirements to practice engineering. “And (the
Washington Accord) has now become the defacto
standard for engineering education or profes-
sional practice. So it’s that constant maintaining,
allowing it to grow, adjusting, looking at those
best practices around the world,” explains Allen.
“Part of our job is to look around the world
and see if standards are higher someplace else and
whether those standards are required. If they are,
we look to build them into our model,” he adds.
“Our belief is that Canadians should be as well-pro-
tected by our engineers as any place on earth.”
In addition to establishing international
education standards, one of Engineers Canada’s
core functions is to accredit undergraduate
engineering programs at Canadian higher edu-
cational institutions. Similar to the Washington
Accord on a national scale, the Accreditation
Board is a body comprising senior engineers who
ensure Canadian engineering students meet the
high academic qualifications necessary to begin
the process of licensure and assesses the equiva-
lency of the academic accreditation systems and
programs used in countries similar to Canada.
“It’s essentially a peer-review process
with some of the brightest minds in the field
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