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Field Farms Marketing
If small conventional family farms
in Canada are in economic decline,
recent studies suggest an alternative:
farm organic products. According
to research conducted by the
Washington State University, the
premium consumers pay for organics
is 30% higher than conventional
farming. Even where organic products
yield less, the break-even point is still
five to seven per cent more.
the number of certified organic
farms has grown over 50 per cent between
2001 and 2010. At $3 billion per year, the
industry has tripled since 2006 and is growing
faster than any other agriculture sector.
Paving the way is Field Farms Marketing Ltd.,
a wholly family-owned organic trading com-
pany. CEO Rita Felder spoke with The Canadian
Business Journal about the growing market for
organic products and its social and economic
Years of Success and
Field Farms Marketing founders Rita and her
husband Tony Felder have over 30 years of
experience in organic agriculture. The couple
emigrated from Switzerland almost 17 years
ago equipped with extensive European trading
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