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APRIL 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
experience and established their company
in southwestern Ontario. Today, Field Farms
Marketing operates globally among expanding
European, Asian and North American markets.
Canada is an ideal country for organic agri-
culture. The clean air, sparkling waters, and deep
fertile soils produce healthy crops. The Great
Lakes moderate the Canadian climate, provid-
ing the uniform temperature and rainfall that are
essential for consistency and high quality crops –
especially soybeans.
Field Farms Marketing supplies the organic,
non-GMO and specialty crop industry with prime
food and feed grade products. It conducts busi-
ness with several hundred certified organic
farmers across Canada and the United States.
All the company’s products meet the highest
organic standards under the NOP, JAS, COS/
COR, BIO Suisse and EU regulations.
At the root of Field Farms Marketing is ethi-
cal agriculture. “Organic agricultural preserves
soil, water and air quality. It is food produced
from organic products and is free from chemi-
cal residues, so it preserves the health of people
who consume it and everyone else (soil, water
and air),” Felder says.
Strong relationships are the cornerstone
of Field Farms Marketing’s success. The com-
pany strives to build these relationships through
professionalism, integrity and respect. This is
achieved through diligent attention to detail and
strict adherence to deadlines, Felder says.
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