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APRIL 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
Ottawa to Highway 401. The new location is
larger and better positioned as the company
continues to grow its 214 outlets, up from 206
since January 2015.
“Based on what’s happening in the Canadian
retail environment with a lot of retailers exiting,
there is some real estate available that we have
been looking at. And we are very conservative;
we want to make sure that it meets our financial
model. We slowly look at each site to make sure
that it would work. And so far, over the last two
or three years, there have been at least 10 or 15
stores that we’ve been able to open.”
Over the years, Giant Tiger has proved itself
as unique company that has withstood the
likes of Wal-Mart by focusing on product offer-
ings that doesn’t put it in direct competition
with the U.S. conglomerate. “This is a success
story of a Canadian retailer being 100 percent
owned by Canadians, thriving in a challenging
retail environment in Canada. Hopefully, we’ll
be here for another 55 years.”
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