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Giant Tiger Stores Limited
discount chain allows its local managers lots
of leeway. A store manager can decide which
merchandise goes on the shelf based on his or
her knowledge of the market.
Haig adds, “From listening to our custom-
ers we’ve created an environment where the
customer can shop quickly and with ease. On
average, our stores are 16,000 to 20,000 square
feet of floor space, so it’s easy for the consumer
to get in and out, especially when they are on a
busy time schedule. We’ve laid out our store to
make it easy for the consumer and continue to
listen to their needs and wants.”
Giant Tiger’s franchise strategy is also what
has helped it weather the economic down-
town. Haig explains that it has put the discount
chain store in touch with what’s happening on
the local level from an economic perspective.
“If you are a franchise model and you know
your customer’s need and wants,” he says.
“Then we are definitely in tune with what’s
happening locally from an economic point of
view, as well as nationally.”
Easy to Find, Customer-
Focused Products at Low
Matching its product offering to customer
demand is one of Giant Tiger’s core values. It
is currently launching a women’s line that is
directed at its main customer—the busy mom.
“We’re listening to the customer and she has
identified how she likes to shop,” Haig says. In
doing so, the company has launched three new
“occasion-based” clothing lines. “We believe that
these brands really and truly meet that need for
that busy mom—ones that want to feel great, but
don’t want to spend a lot of time or money.”
“We’re very customer centric,” he adds. “We
listen to the customer on a constant basis. We
definitely want to ensure that we are focused,
not only on products, but also that we are giv-
ing the consumer great value for that product.”
Growth from Coast-to-
Giant Tiger is expanding so rapidly that it
recently moved its main distribution centre in
Thomas Haig, President and COO
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