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In July 2012, the Canadian Business
Journal featured LifeLearn®,
an Ontario-based veterinary
educational publisher and interactive
new media developer. At the
time, the Company operated in
two segments: Veterinary
Practice Solutions [Veterinary
Communications and Practice
Marketing tools and Corporate
Solutions. It also had recently
introduced a web and mobile based
site, MyPetED, to help pet owners
find basic pet health information
quickly and easily.
LifeLearn® remain core
aspects of the business. The Company still offers
both divisional services and maintains its primary
commitment to enhancing the lives of pets and pet
owners through providing veterinary and wellness
learning resources. Yet as explained by LifeLearn®
President and Chief Executive Officer James Carroll,
“We’re a company that’s always evolving. A lot can
change in two years – much of it for the better!”
Veterinary Practice
LifeLearn®’s Practice Solutions division focuses
on helping pet health professionals understand
James Carroll, President and Chief Executive Officer
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