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APRIL 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
how to run and market their business more effec-
tively. As a majority of veterinary clinics operate
as independent practices, owners must maintain
animal medical standards while also balancing the
challenges of running a small business.
“Veterinary professionals need to have
expertise in a multitude of different disciplines.
They often require medical knowledge on a
variety of different types of pets – from dogs
and cats to horses and even exotic animals
like iguanas or parrots. They also need to have
knowledge in many different medical areas of
specialty, including cardiovascular, oncology,
nutrition, and dermatology to name a few. But
all of this is really only a portion of what [a vet-
erinarian] needs to know. Many veterinarians
also need to become proficient in the basics of
business ownership and operations. It can be
quite the challenge,” says Carroll.
Today, the Veterinary Practice Solutions
segment encompasses a vast assortment of
different tools and software to help veterinary
health professionals enhance their businesses.
Services include website development, edu-
cational texts and webinars, online and mobile
presence assistance, SEO and social media
integration and optimization, reputation man-
agement and client education resources.
Corporate Solutions
The Corporate Solutions segment of LifeLearn®
provides highly customized digital development
services for major health, diagnostic, nutrition and
pharmaceutical companies across North America.
Products and services range from sales enable-
ment, training, operations support and marketing.
“Often, our corporate clients need assis-
tance with effective communication around
complex topics. This could be communication
for the sales team to the target client, or even
communication within the organization, such as
between R&D and marketing,” says Carroll. “We
offer several customized solutions, developed by
a leading team of Biomedical Communications
experts, which takes complex medical and sci-
entific data, processes it, and presents it in a way
that is understandable and marketable. We think
of it as knowledge mobilization…making infor-
mation effective and actionable.”
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