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Other Corporate Solutions services include
event management, mobile sales tools,
e-learning solutions, and Stratus™ – a content
management and distribution platform that, as
an example, connects marketing professionals
to their sales people on the front line through
mobile and cloud-based technologies.
Stratus is a technology that LifeLearn devel-
oped to answer a need that was consistent
across their corporate partners. By develop-
ing and then deploying engaging content
through Stratus to the various target audiences,
LifeLearn helps corporate partners increase the
effectiveness of messaging, as well as gain bet-
ter understanding of how content is being used
to enable a more proactive approach to opera-
tional, marketing or sales initiatives.
Organizational Health
Since its inception in 1994, LifeLearn® has
welcomed positive change. It’s a company
that focuses on continual development in all
areas, including product, culture, and employee
growth opportunities. It has adhered to its
mission to provide animal health professionals
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