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APRIL 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
around the world with knowledge and contin-
ued learning resources through the combined
efforts of every team member.
As Carroll explains: “There are smart com-
panies and there are healthy companies. Smart
companies may have talented resources and
great intellectual property, but they often strug-
gle with internal silos and politics, sometimes
creating barriers to effective operationaliza-
tion. Healthy companies foster environments
of trust, accountability, open collaboration and
productive conflict. They focus on the people
supporting the organization at all levels, and
through that “smarts” follow and prosper. I’d like
to think that we’ve become a healthy company –
we focus first on our people and our goals, and
that is the foundation that allows for sustainable
LifeLearn Sofie™, Powered by IBM Watson
It is through this focus on organizational
‘health’ that has allowed LifeLearn® to introduce
its most recent - and perhaps most impor-
tant - development thus far. In early 2015,
the Company will launch LifeLearn Sofie™, a
highly intelligent treatment support applica-
tion that uses cognitive computing to deliver
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