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evidence-based treatment options. Sofie func-
tions through web, tablet, and mobile platforms
and provides support for veterinary practitio-
ners of all backgrounds and experience levels.
Powered by the world-renowned artificial intel-
ligence computing system IBM Watson, Sofie
has the ability to reference hundreds of thou-
sands of pages of unstructured data, and deliver
evidence-based treatment options for specific
patient situations in a matter of seconds.
Carroll, who recently joined the IBM Watson
advisory board in order to help further its devel-
opment, explains: “Sofie™ is a revolutionary
product that will expand the cognitive boundar-
ies of veterinarians. Sofie is not a replacement
for the veterinarian. In fact, Sofie will enable the
veterinarian to use their training and skills more
effectively by enabling instant access to the end-
less amounts of medical information that exists.
And by doing so, we believe we will help improve
the lives of pets and pet owners across the globe.
“We are extremely excited to introduce
Sofie™ to the world, and guide the positive
influence it offers to veterinarians, animal health
industry organizations, and pet owners.”
Sofie™ aims to connect veterinarians with
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