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APRIL 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
the medical and scientific information to best
aid pets in need. The application “learns while
you learn;” instead of utilizing a basic keyword
search, Sofie™ understands the context of the
query and the interplay between nouns, verbs,
people, and places. The aim is that users will be
able to, “interact with Sofie™ just the way [they]
would with a colleague in the room.”
Industry organizations will also be able to
learn from Sofie™ to discover which products
veterinarians rely on most. They’ll also be able
to engage with veterinarians through surveys
and other interactive software, in order to gain
measurable feedback on which products are
considered most effective, which are most pre-
scribed, and why.
Perhaps the most striking aspect of Sofie™ is
that it will evolve continuously. New features and
functionality, such as diagnostic support, patient
record integration, and media/voice integration,
will be added. And through LifeLearn’s partner-
ship with the IBM Watson Group, new evolutions
in cognitive computing will be available to Sofie
on an ongoing basis. This allows LifeLearn® to
continuously monitor and alter its solutions and
processes to best fit the users’ needs.
Here to Stay
The Company’s new corporate brand iden-
tity - which was introduced on December 12,
2014 – aims to solidify the relationship between
LifeLearn(R)’s three pillars: Practice Solutions,
Corporate Solutions, and Innovation while
maintaining a core focus on the firm’s dedication
to promoting pet health and wellness every-
In a December 12th press release, Carroll
stated, “For twenty years, LifeLearn has been
committed to enhancing the veterinary commu-
nity with educational and communication tools.
Though we’ve evolved dramatically in our capa-
bilities and scope of products, our branding has
remained close to our roots.
“This rebrand more accurately reflects our
evolution and unifies our value proposition
across the wide spectrum of clients we serve,
ranging from single doctor veterinary practices
to large animal health corporations.”
Sofie(TM) is one example of how LifeLearn(R)
intends to continue enhancing its presence in
North America and eventually pursuing further
international expansion. LifeLearn is continuously
developing new technologies such as Stratus,
WebDVM4, ClientEd Online and others, to pro-
vide engaging and effective solutions for animal
health organizations, helping them to fully realize
the potential of their business.
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