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The Canadian Business Journal
While the business is building back up,
Gullco’s management knows that research and
development lay at the heart of long-term suc-
cess of any engineering company. And while
Gullco remains global expert on welding, the
R&D team continues to work closely with clients
and listens to the welders in the field.
“Sometimes we give welders what they
need, and sometimes we give them what they
want and design custom engineered systems
for clients such as Ontario Power, Canadian
government, and so on,” says Drake. “But for
the most part, we continuously improve on the
systems we already have. Our goal is to continue
to improve precision, improve accessories, and
create accessories for new applications. While
welding may come across as a primitive pro-
cess of melting two metals together, there is a
high level of precision involved on the high-end
welds, and our R&D is built around providing the
operator with that extra degree of control over
the weld itself.”
The company remains proudly Canadian since
1954, and its highly experienced team continues to
break new ground in precision welding with focus
in building quality precision products.
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