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Gullco International
Gullco International is a world-
renowned manufacturer of
automated welding equipment
and accessories. Formed in 1954,
Gullco International remains an
internationally successful and privately
owned Canadian company with
global headquarters and production
proudly located in Newmarket, Ont.
From here, through its companies
in Canada, United States, United
Kingdom, India, Australia, and China,
and its worldwide distributor network,
Gullco sells high quality automatic
welding machines for industrial
applications around the whole world.
about welding automation,
generally we imagine the car commercials where
the robotic arm does small, quick welds on the
frame of the car. Gullco equipment is none of
the sort, and is generally applied to large, repeat-
able welds. The company was originally set up to
challenge the U.S. competition during the ship
building boom of 1950’s. Gullco’s original KAT
Carriage product line was developed in 1950’s to
mechanize straight welds, and the company sells
its original product to this day. Gullco mecha-
nized straight welding by taking the welding gun
out of the hands of the welder and mounting it
on the carriage and on tracks in order to create
straight and consistent weld.
“Our equipment is meant for large welds
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