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Gullco International
such as ships, where you have to weld for
20 feet, and use multiple passes for the weld
because of the thickness of the material,” says
Nick Drake, Marketing Manager. “Our products
increase both productivity and speed up the
process, as well as increase the quality of the
weld by eliminating the stops and the starts of
the weld. Ships and tanks are built from large
large sheets of metal welded together both
horizontally and vertically. One 10-foot weld
with multiple passes may take a welder the entire
day. Our product eliminated the stops and the
starts of the manual welder, hence eliminating
weld defects. Tank welding, pressure vessels or
pipelines have a large amount of regulations, and
the welds undergo X-ray quality testing, etc. to
ensure the pipes will not burst, so quality welds
and welding equipment are paramount.”
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