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The Canadian Business Journal
tracks, orbital welding products, electrode ovens,
custom ceramic weld backing, custom flux
conditioning and control systems, including flux
hopper, and flux rebake and holding ovens.
The surprising part is that to this day Gullco
proudly produces all if its product in Canada,
manufacturing in its 80,000 square foot facility
in Newmarket, Ont., meaning that the company
has maintained its manufacturing in Canada for
over 60 years.
“There may be a high cost of doing business
this way, and we may have a higher priced prod-
uct, but we sell a product that’s manufactured in
Canada, and we have the control over the pro-
cess and production from start to finish, so it is a
high-quality product. Because of that, we have a
higher quality assurance coming out of our fac-
tory in comparison to products coming out of
China, India and others. It’s like buying a higher-
end car — we stand by our product, and there is
a service and a community that comes with the
high-end product.”
The company took a hit following the 2008
crisis as many infrastructure projects shut down,
but the company has been focused on markets
with large growing infrastructures such as South
American countries and the Middle East. “We are
very much a global company, and all markets
suffered at that time, but we have seen a huge
built up on projects. The years before 2008 were
Gullco’s best years, and we are coming up back
to those levels,” says Drake.
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