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The Canadian Business Journal
Marble Slab has a massive advantage for the 21st
century – service and offering. The millennial
generation expects specialty customized prod-
ucts made just for them, and that is exactly what
Marble Slab does.
“Our concept is brilliant in that respect, because
each time you come in you can have something
different,” says Hughes. “It’s the new products,
and new flavours, but also delivering exceptional
customer experience that people are looking for.
People visit the stores for rewards, treats, and shop-
ping with the kids, so it’s really about the experience
– being able to choose your own ice cream, mixins,
and have fun while doing it.”
The Marble Slab business is the business of
treats, birthdays, and anniversaries — the business
of happiness, so the franchisees can fully enjoy
the nature of the business itself. “Everyone
remembers a birthday or an anniversary,” says
Hughes, “and the cake is the focal point of that
celebration when we sing Happy Birthday to the
person, so our product is at the centre of that
“Our franchisees enjoy being in “the happy
business.” This is the kind of business where the
customers generally come in when they are in
a good mood, after their day, and they have the
time and patience. We deal with smiling people,”
concludes Inglis.
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