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Marble Slab Creamery
Marble Slab Creamery provides the
highest level of customer service
and finest quality of ice cream,
personalized for each customer on
its iconic frozen marble slab. The
franchise originally started in Texas in
1983, and Cam Inglis, entrepreneur
and President of Marble Slab
Creamery, brought the “frozen slab
ice cream” concept to Canada in
2003. Little more than a decade later,
Marble Slab Creamery expanded from
its Canadian home base of Alberta
from coast to coast with some 80
locations and expects additional
at this speed because
franchisees recognized Marble Slab as a unique
offering in a growing category, and
The Canadian
Business Journal
spoke with Cam Inglis, and
Kimberly Hughes, Marketing Manager, about the
Marble Slab Creamery and its competitive edge
in the Canadian market. “People recognized that
it was a fun business with a lot of space in the
specialty treats category in terms of competition
being significantly different than us. So we had a
lot of interest from potential franchisees to bring
Marble Slab ice cream to their local neighbor-
hood,” says Inglis.
The Marble Slab difference is based on the
quality ingredients and customer experience. The
experience starts with the product, and all Marble
Slab products – ice cream, yogurt, ice cream
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