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The Canadian Business Journal
“We don’t use any additives or preservatives,”
says Inglis. “We don’t pre-manufacture and ship all
over the country. Freshness is an important aspect
of Marble slab. Franchisees make everything fresh
on site, from ice cream, waffle cones, cookie
dough, cakes, and ice cream sandwiches, and it’s
all prepared on the marble slab, and the custom-
ers can choose their ice cream and their mixins,
and it’s all prepared in front of their eyes. We are
the only ones to use fresh dairy, and offer unlim-
ited mixins at one price.”
As an ice cream franchise in Canada, it’s easy
to identify the core season, and Marble Slab con-
tinues to give customers new reasons to visit in
the off-season and effectively compete in the
marketplace. The company continues to raise
the value of its offerings, and give customers new
reasons to choose Marble Slab in the fight for the
customer’s ‘treat dollar’.
In 2015, the company launched the line of
Photo Cakes, with licensed images and also the
option of people sending in their own photos and
have them printed on the cake with messages.
The company also launched an incredibly suc-
cessful line of ice cream sandwiches, and is only
weeks away from launching its ice cream crumble
cake. “We think it is a fairly nostalgic product that
people will be able to remember from their child-
hood. And we also continue to focus on our cake
business. People are very passionate about cakes.
There is no end to the number of different offer-
ings we can have with cake, whether it’s flavours,
colours or decorations,” says Inglis.
Besides increasing the value of the offerings,
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