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WGI Westman Group Inc.
Expansion through
Acquisitions and
Innovative Technologies
Throughout the history of WGI Westman the
parent company has always sought out avenues
to expand its portfolio by developing more prod-
ucts internally but also through an aggressive,
well executed acquisition planning. Most recently
Edwards and Cunningham spearheaded the
purchase of a company in the spring called Elias
reliaBELT, a conveyer manufacturer in Morden,
Manitoba. Since then they have announced
the acquisition of Convey-All Industries and
Nusteel Industries. Convey-All is a manufacturer
of conveyors and seed tenders and Nusteel is a
manufacturer of steel buildings.
“We are going to close in September,”
Edwards confirms. “We typically don’t announce
before we close but this is another major
employer in the Winkler marketplace where we
are also a major employer.”
The acquisition adds another 140 employees,
which at its peak may be closer to 300 once the
oil and gas sector rebounds.
New technological solutions are a constant
in this industry and it’s something Edwards and
Cunningham keep a close watch on all the while
continuing to invest in innovative platforms that
make their products that much more efficient.
“In the three years prior to this we spent
roughly $100 million on capital,” Cunningham
WGI Westman has the most modern com-
puter-operated coil handling systems in its
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