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WGI Westman Group Inc.
The name Russ Edwards may not
be known to the average Canadian
but the incredible business affluence
achieved by he and his company
WGI Westman Group Inc. over the
past four decades is anything but
average. Within the steel industry
his is a well-known success story
and one that could patently be
promoted as an ideal case study in
proving that hard work, top-quality
workmanship and dedication to the
well-being of employees and clients
are the cornerstones to prosperous
corporate longevity.
handful of employees who manu-
factured corrugated steel culverts for highways,
Edwards launched production in 1976, having
incorporated his business the year prior. Forty
years later the Winnipeg-based company has
about 1,600 employees in four main divisions,
operated as separate entities, with more than 1.6
million square feet of factory and office space.
Throughout its four main divisions, WGI
Westman produces culverts, roll-formed
steel roofing and siding, pre-engineered steel
buildings, galvanized corrugated grain bins,
powder-coated steel smoothwall bins for grain,
seeds, and fertilizer, as well as fuel tanks, mobile
fuel tanks, seed tenders, grain augers and
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