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Founders Advantage Capital
In the exceedingly competitive
arena of global finance a Calgary-
based public investment firm called
Founders Advantage Capital has
developed and introduced an
amazingly innovative and successful
method of acquiring equity positions
in privately-owned businesses. As
an investment issuer, the company
makes investments in equity, debt or
other securities to create long-term
value for shareholders and partner
entrepreneurs and it is transcending
the way enterprise deals are made
across North America.
spoke with FA Capital executives Stephen Reid,
President and CEO, and Harpreet Padda, Senior
Vice President & Co-Head, Investments, about
the tremendous success the company has
attained under the FA Capital banner with the
company having just recently celebrated its first
“Our method of investing was to find
companies where owners had left the businesses
in the hands of the management and the only
contributions the owners made was coming in
and taking away all the working capital so they
could live their exotic lifestyles,” begins Reid.
With many years of hands-on investment
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