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The Canadian Business Journal
ZZEN develops De Zen’s residential lands
in partnership with top builders in the GTA and
has built over 3,000 homes in many award-
winning residential communities in Vaughan
and the surrounding area. De Zen prides himself
on strong, cooperative and respectful partner-
ships – with other developers, builders and with
all levels of government. He continues to search
out land opportunities and to grow his real
estate portfolio with the same drive and passion
he had when he acquired his first parcel of land
over 40 years ago.
The De Zen family also has a significant presence
within the community of Vaughan. Most recently,
the family donated $10 million toward the new
Mackenzie Health in Vaughan. The donation will
be recognized with the naming of the hospital’s
lobby the Vic De Zen Family Welcome Centre.
The family is also a major supporter of Meta
Foundation, a charity devoted to individuals
with special needs. The new Vaughan facil-
ity will be named The James De Zen Center of
Abilities, in honour of De Zen’s late son who
passed away in 2015.
As an energetic entrepreneur, De Zen and his
sweeping vision have been widely recognized,
and it’s no surprise that his vast contribution to
Canada earned him the Order of Canada in 2002.
“Canada is a great country, says De Zen. “I don’t
think I would have been able to achieve what I
did anywhere else. This is the land of opportu-
nity, and I was very fortunate to be able to build
what I did here. This is my home.”
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