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Vision Extrusion Group
Vic De Zen introduced the vinyl
window industry to the Canadian
market back in the late ‘60s.
Today, Vic De Zen has multiple
state of the art facilities serving the
North American market with PVC
extrusions and building products
such as column, fencing, railing,
patio doors, decking and many
more. Today, these businesses are
located at the center of the Vaughan
West Business Park, developed by
ZZEN Group, which oversees De
Zen’s real estate development.
Canada on November 2, 1962 at
5pm, started working the same day and have not
stopped working since,” remarks De Zen. At the
age of 75, De Zen still oversees the business, and
his son Sergio and grandson Colby are with him
involved in the daily operations.
Vic invited us on a quick tour of Vision
Extrusion’s plant, the crown jewel of the Vision
Group. He walks swiftly through the front
door and is quickly acknowledged by his team
exchanging “hellos”, smiles, handshakes and
even embraces. De Zen smiles enthusiasti-
cally, inquires about employee projects and
converses about designs. He has developed a
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