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The Canadian Business Journal
strong entrepreneurial culture as a core value
of the company; the plant executives are equity
shareholders and all employees are part of the
company’s profit sharing programs. Employees
move around with ease, they smile and wave at
Vic as he enters the manufacturing plant. In this
state of the art facility everything runs smoothly,
is well organized and highly automated.
“Vic is a master tool and die maker who
later became involved in PVC extrusion, so he
has very strong capabilities within PVC extru-
sion space,” adds business partner Lu Galasso,
“and the Canadian Plastics Industry Association
recently recognized him for that with a Lifetime
Achievement Award.”
As a trained tool and die maker, the Research
and Development, and Quality Control depart-
ments are Vic’s favourite places. In the Quality
Control room Vic points at the poster of a golden
elephant with a raised trunk (the core logo of the
Vision Group) and also a symbol of good luck (it
must face east). Only the tip of elephant’s trunk is
red, the print states 1/2 of 1% defect rate.
“It is all about the precision, quality, and
customer service; no one can beat us at that,”
states De Zen. “When a customer comes to us,
we design the die and extrude a sample per their
specifications, for free! Whatever the customer
can imagine we can design. At Vision we pro-
duce our own raw materials, and manufacture all
our equipment; it is all about the vertical integra-
tion, and we keep all the technology in-house,
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