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Vision Extrusion Group
which gives us a tremendous edge.”
As we continue on the tour, we walk through
rows of customized material handling systems
where millions of pounds of bar-coded finished
goods are stored. We step out of the rear door of
the factory and face rows of 100-foot-tall gal-
vanized steel silos shining in sunlight against the
blue sky. Titanium Transport trucks, an affiliated
company of the Vision Group, are lined up at the
shipping area, where 70% of the products are
exported to the United States.
ZZEN Group and Real
But building an industrial empire was not enough.
Starting in the late 1970s, De Zen acquired land
across Vaughan, farm by farm, with an extraor-
dinary vision for commercial and residential real
estate development, and his success here has also
been stellar. “Vic was certainly a catalyst for the
transformation of the Township of Vaughan into
the City of Vaughan, which today is a vibrant and
prosperous city that enjoys status as one of the
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