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The Canadian Business Journal
The company has big plans for expansion. Lawrie
says Brainhunter is looking to double its foot-
print in the marketplace within the next 18 to 24
months. “We’ve been aggressive in the market-
place when hiring new skilled recruiters and sales
people, and working aggressively to become the
major player within our industry.”
Brainhunter is growing at a steady pace.
“We continue to develop our own internal prod-
ucts and take advantage of the marketplace
wherever we can. Staffing is a going concern
and we’re very closely tied to the economy,” he
says. “So we will continue to develop some of
our tools and technologies like HireFlow® and
TalentFlow®. Within five years our goals are
to be the top 100 fastest growing company in
Canada and the 100 best places to work.”
Lawrie says ultimately the company places a
high level of importance on integrity and building
strong relationships with its clients and con-
sultants. “We want to be the trusted advisor to
our clients and to our consultants. We view our
consultant base, to be as important as the actual
client that pays the invoice,” he explains. “We put
a lot of time and effort into those relationships,
and really being the career agent for our skilled
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