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Brainhunter Systems Ltd.
is an integral part of
our lives and its disruptive nature has drastically
changed how companies conduct business.
It’s often seen in a positive light – it connects
people from all over the world and provides
companies with the ability to save money and
function more efficiently. At the same time, by
making potential employees widely available
and interchangeable, the internet has turned
the human labour force into a commodity. Brett
Lawrie, COO of Brainhunter Systems Ltd., says
this trend is prevalent in the staffing industry.
But Brainhunter is setting itself apart from its
competitors by building strong relationships
with its consultants, and being their career
agent of choice, while providing clients with the
best professional talent for their needs.
“I want to change that perspective of the
staffing agency and make Brainhunter the
go-to company where a contractor and his or
her colleagues will say, ‘I want to work for you
because you actually treat me like a person and
care. I know I submit a time card and get paid
on time – that’s all great, any company can
do that – but what really makes a difference is
that someone reaches out to me, and says hi
how’s it going? Is the contract going ok? Happy
Birthday. How’s the family?’” Lawrie says. “Those
little touch points and that kind of service has
really been stripped out of the marketplace in
the last decade, because of the commoditiza-
tion of the service.”
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