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The Canadian Business Journal
resumes based on their requirements, as well as
schedule appointments, and manage a database
of applicants for future reference.
In addition, TalentFlow® BackOffice man-
ages consultant payroll and benefits by
sending an invoice to the client. It is supported
by reporting, and regulatory compliance.
TalentFlow® BackOffice is designed to improve
administrative duties, such as staffing services,
operations, and payroll management, according
to the company site.
Why Brainhunter?
Brainhunter’s managed services software,
such as TalentFlow®, help clients save money
and increase productivity, resulting in greater
competitive advantages. Clients gain greater
efficiencies, including lower expenses for
research and development, and infrastructure
and distribution.
In addition, Brainhunter’s services help
companies reduce risks related to running
an efficient, effective, and reliable group with
appropriate technology choices, adequate
training and timely maintenance. It controls
costs because it allows capital for investment
to be used in other areas and revenue-pro-
ducing activities, offsets large infrastructure
expenditures, saves on expensive software,
technology and training costs.
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