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The Canadian Business Journal
Solutions is the third core factor. “If you
come to us as a customer, we will ensure
that we provide a solution to your needs,” he
says, adding that, if necessary, he will bring in
another company if CPL Tech cannot provide
the necessary solution.
Due to the innovative nature of the industry,
Callipo explains that the company always aims
to innovate according to industry standards. “We
believe that if we are not innovating constantly,
especially with this technology, we will just fade
away. There’s lots of innovation in the industry,
and we’ve stayed at the forefront because we’ve
been able to innovate so efficiently.”
Finally, Callipo says being results oriented is
CPL Tech’s last core value. “Results are some-
thing we give to our customers, we will go
those extra miles to get that result to the cus-
tomer,” he says.
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