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Canada Pipe Lining Technologies
Established in 2006, Canada Pipe
Lining Technologies Ltd. (formally
R&G Mechanical Services) has evolved
its service line from simple plumbing
services to innovative pipe lining and
rehabilitation technology, making it
one of the most unique plumbing and
pipe lining companies in the Toronto
area. The 2014 Profit 500 guide
named CPL Tech #249 of the top 500
fastest growing companies in Canada,
citing 225 per cent growth between
2008 and 2013. The guide also praises
the company for providing valuable
employment opportunities to its 23
employees and using some of the
best business practices in the country.
spoke to Gianpaul Callipo about the company’s
innovative pipe lining solutions, plans for expan-
sion and the core factors that have contributed
to its success.
“We don’t stick to one technology; we have
an arsenal of technologies. We’re also an estab-
lished plumbing company, which gives us an
advantage because we approach projects already
familiar with piping systems and piping layouts,”
explains President Gianpaul Callipo. “So we begin
with an advantage because we have extreme
knowledge of piping systems and how they’re laid
out, which gives us the upper hand in challeng-
ing situations. You won’t find too many plumbing
companies that have adopted the technology.
Most of the time, it’s either one or the other.”
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