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The Canadian Business Journal
Best Pipe Lining Service
CPL Tech’s pipe lining system involves applying
a protective coating to the inside of aging pipes.
This process protects the pipe interior and pre-
vents leaks and failures. To apply the coating,
carefully trained technicians sandblast the inte-
rior of the pipes to clean them and then inject
an epoxy lining as a pressurized air solution. The
lining coats the pipes and strengthens them.
The coating has been approved by all the major
North American food safety groups.
According to the website, CPL Tech uses
the best pipe lining system available. This system
allows the company to complete trenchless pipe
repair and eliminate pinhole leaks. Not only does
its system restore the inner walls of sewer lines
and metal pipes, it also does not cause additional
clogging, and will provide a long-lasting solution
for ageing plumbing systems. Its technology has
been developed for years, based on the original
systems successfully installed by the U.S. Navy
throughout the 1980’s. The company uses the
“highest quality epoxy that is suited for high-rise
buildings and other structures where extensive re-
piping would be impractical and uneconomical.”
Pipe lining is also a less invasive procedure
than traditional plumbing. CPL Tech is currently
restoring the aging piping at Sick Kids Hospital
in Toronto. Callipo explains that the hospital is
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